November 6, 2000 - October 27, 2001


for One LAST DANCE!!!

That's right boys and girls....ThunderWalker the mod that started it all for F8S is returning for a special appearance this week end to celebrate the 5th year annaversary of its launch.

It's been a long time since Fez and Panda unleashed thier own special brand of CTF on the unsuspecting public, and launched the mod that built the community many of us grew up in on the net. Gone are the halcyon days of college for but the originators...into the work force and that dreaded RL (not rocket launcher) thing!

The memories remain. The runes, the harpoon grapple, airfist, the sniper rifle, the CNN servers (especially Expert), the non-clan tourneys, Monster Mash...and of course, at the heart of ot all the TW mail list (still running BTW at ).

I hope all of F8S that still have it installed can make it to the servers some time this week end. All the info you need is at the ThunderWalker Reunion site. See you all there!!!

FaTe says - "SPOOOOOOOONNN!!!"

September 12, 2001- Twin Towerrs Gone...But Not Forgotten!!!

Not much to say here...just wanted to post a picture someone sent.

FaTe says - "It is Not How You Die That Matters...It is How You Live!!!"

August 31, 2001- Drifter[F8S] drifts into F8S and Diesel[F8S] revives a F8S Tradition!!!

- Drifter[F8S] - Our Newest Minion!!! -

Drifter[F8S] is our newest addition...poor bastard has a lousy ping...HPB actually. But he still kiks my ass all over the place. Gawd I suck!!!! Anyway, welcome the FaTe's Minions Drifter...enjoy the party!!! Looks like our Roster shortage si pretty much kleast until folks start wandering off again..hehehe!

- Diesel[F8S] Revives a F8S Tradition!!! -

Looks like the F8S tradition of not just playing CTF but also making maps for it has been revived by Diesel[F8S]. Check out the screen shots from the Beta of his new map entitled Celestial Rome and carrying the next number in the F8S CTF series - F8SCTF5! Check out the screen shots I stole....

The Quad Room

The Red Base

The Blue Flag

Diesel[F8S] has enlisted the rest of F8S to provide input into the completion of the map and item placements. Look for an announcement of the public beta soon! Also look for this project to inspire the other frustrated artisans in the clan to take their shot at doing a map!

FaTe says - "This Map Making Stuff Looks Like Fun....hmmmmm......."

August 3, 2001- F8S is Loading Up on Sergeants!!!

A big F8S' WELCOME goes out to our newest members...Smokey[F8S] and DieseL[F8S]. Odd thing is they are both active military. Smokey is a U.S. Army Staff Sergeant stationed in Hawaii. He is our most distant member and for a guy who always seems to have the highest ping...he never has the lowest score!

DieseL[F8S] is also a Sergeant...but like our Warlord Crazy_One[F8S] DieseL[F8S] is U.S. Air Force and is also a Staff Sergeant...but for some reason as a Staff Sergeant in the Army, Smokey[F8S] holds a higher rank than DieseL[F8S] does. But what do I Supreme Warlord I outrank em all!!!

DieseL[F8S] is old school from the Thunderwalker CTF days of QuakeWorld. Back then he played in he is all ours...F8S all the way.

FaTe says - "Welcome Home Boys...Home to FaTe's Minions!!"

June 6, 2001- Dobi[F8S] is Looking for a Few Good Minions!!!

I am pleased and proud to announce that Dobi[F8S] has been anointed F8S interim Recruiting and Training Coordinator. He will be spearheading our clan wide efforts to expand the active roster of F8S by seeking out a few F8S who just don't yet know that they are F8S!

That's right kiddies. This is you big chance to become a part of the Best Damned Non-clan Clan in All of Quakedom(tm)!!! F8S is recruiting for a few good Minions. What does it take to become a Minions? you may ask...well let me clue you in. Good skills (man on man and team play), mature attitude (punks need not apply), a commitment to good clean play (cheaters and bot users need not apply) and a lot of that old smelly team spirit! If this describes you just click the Tryout button on the right ---> and send us your info. Our brand new Recruiting and Training Coordinator Dobi[F8S] will get with you and set up a time for your testing!!!

FaTe says - "Go Get Em Dobi and Bring Em Home to's deja vu all over again?!?!?!?!"

June 6, 2001- memnoch Retreats!!!

I am sad to report that after less than two months (is this a new record?), memnoch has resigned from F8S. According to him he is resigning due to personal issues and a need to spend more time with his honey. Well I just don't buy it. So, I have come up with a Top 10 List of real reasons he is leaving us....

Drum roll they are!

FaTe's Top 10 Reasons memnoch resigned from F8S...

10.      he has a headache.....

9.      tired of VA's constant whining about being a single mom on the IRC..

8.      GF said..drop or no more nookie....

8.      joining the A team at cruciform

7.      he is mensa...we are not....

6.      could not last 5 more weeks without Crazy_One

5.      giving up Quake 3 for Diakatana!

4.      memny l33t h4x0r,   F8S  5ux0r5

3.      broke it off with popo and could not bear to be around him anymore....

2.      he ran out of ass-pads....

and the number one reason memny is dropping....
1.      got too close to the old man at the last meeting and that smell...eeeeuuuuuwwwwwwww!
As always, F8S will endure and we better since we are now challenging on the OGL ladder and we will need the involvement of all our members to make a go of it.

FaTe says - "See You on the Servers Memny...and Good Luck!!!"

June 6, 2001- Crazy_One[F8S] Takes a Leave of Absence!!!

Crazy_One[F8S] Clan Warlord and my 2nd has been called away in the service of his country and will not be available for matchmaking and other clan functions for about 6 weeks. He is attending the U.S. Air Force Non-commissioned Officers Training Academy in San Antonio Texas doin what he must to go for that next stripe. For those who do not know CO is career Air Force so when they say frog...he jumps. And they said frog! So if anyone needs to set up a match or scrim you will have me to deal with!!!

We all miss CO already and I can't really describe just how much...he means..*sniffle**sob*...I can't go on...I better stop this before I get way too maudlin.


- MEMNOCH[F8S] is Looking for a Few Good Minions!!! -

I am pleased and proud to announce that memnoch[F8S] has been anointed F8S new Recruiting and Training Coordinator. He will be spearheading our clan wide efforts to expand the active roster of F8S by seeking out a few F8S who just don't yet know that they are F8S!

That's right kiddies. This is you big chance to become a part of the Best Damned Non-clan Clan in All of Quakedom(tm)!!! F8S is recruiting for a few good Minions. What does it take to become a Minions? you may ask...well let me clue you in. Good skills (man on man and team play), mature attitude (punks need not apply), a commitment to good clean play (cheaters and bot users need not apply) and a lot of that old smelly team spirit! If this describes you just click the Tryout button on the right ---> and send us your info. Our brand new Recruiting and Training Coordinator memnoch[F8S] will get with you and set up a time for your testing!!!

FaTe says - "Go Get Em memny and Bring Em Home to F8S!!!"

- The Return of OGL!!! -

As some of you may recall a while back F8S got involved with something called the OGL Tribes Universe. We were waiting for the release of Q3 and TW was dead...or at least dying at the time. So we entered the tribes universe. It was a fukin meat grinder...unlimited challenges, the more "space" you occupied the more defends and attacks you needed to cover. Matches were 10 v 10 and attendance for up to 10 matches a week because impossible. So after 99 matches - yes 99!!! - we resigned and got into first the demo and then the full version of Q3CTF.

Well apparently the Online Gaming League has been steamin along and we are now on the verge of reentering its ranks in active ladder play (we are already registered as a clan). More action for F8S and as you all know - PRESSURE MAKES DIAMONDS!!! We will be entering the OPEN East Ladder for Q3 CTF soon and it looks like a few braver F8S may even field a team for 2v2 CTF...woohoo!!!

FaTe says - "I Feel a War Comin On!!!"

May 8, 2001 - Yeeehhhaaawwww!!!...Team Thunder Beta Launches!!!

Well, I was intrigued by Alliance...but I am really stoked about Team Thunder!!!! That's right baby...old school is the NEW school!! ThunderWalker is back and it's all there...balanced scoring, matched weapons, drop ammo and drop beer, std TW runes...all of it!!! RiP and some DL folks, including Dregs, PreDitor and Dyno have been working on Team Thunder...a Team Arena mod based on our old fav...Thunderwalker CTF! It is still beta and is in the process of being tweaked and debugged. But it is TW...oh yeah baby!!!

Release 1.07 is just out...but you will need to install the initial (ver. 1.06) first...then update it to 1.07. All the files you need are right here on the F8S Team Thunder Mirror or and I will do my best to keep it current.

The readme text does not tell you...but you need to unzip the files into your Team Arena /missionpack folder in your Quake III folder. Then the updates just overwrite the appropriate files when you do the same thing with them.

So you get it installed...then what? You got to have a place to try it out - right? Well here are a few that I know of. But be sure to check to make sure they are running the correct version. I suspect that the updates will be fast and frurious for a while yet.

TTCTF servers running as of today are: Behold...the MaCHine Team Thunder Valley of Thunder TTCTF 27960 UC Fisics! TTCTF

There is also an IRC chat room at #TT, IRC.ENTERTHEGAME.COM if, like me, you want to have some input into the final product!

FaTe says - "Boom Baby Boom....but I still want my SPOON!!!"

April 18, 2001 - Old School Grapple Monkey Comes Home to F8S!!!

Welcome home to one of our old friends from our first mod, Thunderwalker CTF...Memnoch[F8S]!!! He was wandering around looking for a Q3 Home and found us...and we go wayyyy back! A former member of the TW clan Terminal Addiction, he then moved on to the infamous TULL clan in Q2. Now he is ours, all ours...Mulhawhawhawhaw...(oops - lost it there for a second...sorry). TULL were IRC champs, no easy accomplishment. So again, welcome aboard Memnoch[F8S].

New Clan Mod...or Just a Passing Fancy?

Speaking of mods, F8S has been playing some Alliance and it sure is fun. A lot like our old TW, with an off hand grapple and even an airfistjump like dealie called the pogo. You will find it running on our server from time to time, thanks to F8S best friend...server admin Ron of Computernerd and Telnetrix server fame! More info on alliance available here at the PlanetQuake Alliance site.

STA League Kicks Off!!!

F8S is now participating in the Stronger Than ALl Q3CTF league...these boys have taken on a big job and are doing their best...beut we know just what a difficult and thankless running organized Clan play cann of luck to the league and let's all have some fun with this!

FaTe says - "Grapple....hmmmmm...cewl...very cewl!"

March 21, 2001 - F8S 1st Spouse Member...Violent_Angel[F8S]!!!

A bigassed F8S welcome goes out to Violent_Angel[F8S] the newest minion. VA is spouse to our own recruiting co-ordinator FallOut[F8S]. While FO is away being trained for his new job as a United Sates Air Force air traffic controller (god think of the implications!) VA has stepped in...well at least slid into the chair in front of their computer..and is fraggin away. Her skills are green...for sure...but she is getting better every day and showing some good stuff. It is only a matter of time before she will be taking her place amount F8S in tourney play.

FaTe says - "We each wandered Separate...the Lone Wolves of Thunderwalker...Outcasts and Renegades - the Deadliest of Mercenaries...Brought Together by FaTe - Driven by our Passion and our Will...Forged into Diamonds in theFurnace of Competition...Friends, Fathers, Sons and Brothers (and Wives Too!!!) - Together a Team - We Are ......FaTe's Minions" hehehe

February 12, 2001 - Kill em All Kills em All to Win the F8S EIT II!!!

KEA took RaV in the final match of our EIT tourney. There is more on the match in the tourney if you want more on the finals go there!

For all the hassle the tourney was a lot of fun...and we are evaluating whether to do it again or not...if anyone has thoughts on this, get over to our web board and post em!

Minions to Meet the Mojos in BCTFL-6 Round 2!!!

F8S takes on our old foes WickedMojo in the second round of BCTFL-6...and this should be fun. We have been hammerin heads with WM for over three years and I expect our match will reflect the good play we have had with and against them through the years - in other words...this should be a good one. FaTe's comin to get ya Cuda!!!!!

As for the BCTFL...I think our match-ups in the BCTFL were selected by the Marque de Sade!

FaTe says - "OK Everybody Strap on Those Ass-pads...This Looks Like It's Gonna Be a Bumpy Ride!!!"

February 8, 2001 - THC Spanks F8S...F8S Gets Relief!!!

F8S first round match in the 6th incarnation of the Bannockburn CTF League was a real old fashioned ass kikin and F8S was on the receiving end....ouch!! THC opened up a case of whupass and took us to the cleaners. Egos and asses were sore and the batcave was filled with the lamentations of those crushed by THC's superior skill. Man it sucks geting whupped...but of old war horses always find a way to make it better.

Enter one of F8S founders...the irrepressible Infinity[F8S] to save our bruised morale and asses with a fine product...yes that's right...Ole Man Fate's Medicated Ass Pads!!! This is just what the doctor ordered to remind us that it don't hurt so bad when you have friends to share the pain...and the laughs with!!!

FaTe says - "The Fun and the Friends We have Here Mean More Than Any Victory Ever Could!!!"

January 31, 2001 - Welcome to Our Newest Minion!!!

A big F8S WELCOME to the newest Minion...Viper[F8S]. In our continuing effort to instill youth and vigor into the F8 family we have successfully recruit Viper[F8S] to join our ranks. Viper[F8S] is another link in the chain between the A3D gang and F8S...who says you have ti be a mouser to rule in Q3 anyway...this guy rocks the house.

FaTe says - "I Luv Makin New Minions...Now I Have Someone New to Kick My Ass on a Regular Basis!!!"

January 22, 2001 - Well Well Well...What Have We Here???

The year seems to be getting off to a sluggish part due to the total confusion surrounding ID softwares release of Team Arena and the new 1.27g Point Release. It seems that the new point release has a bug in it (no big surprise there...ID has not ever released a bug free version of that I think of it...they have never released a bug free version of any game except perhaps Quakeworld! Anyway the New improved Point Release 1.27h fixes some problems and the Q3COMP ver. 2.03b seems to fill the rest of the holes in the code. Our Tourney server should be running both soon.

The EIT II is winding down to its last two match-ups...and as soon as that gets done we will do it again. (I also updated my news there and if you want to see my rant on ID software and Carmack check it out!) The tourney is running the above referenced combo of Q3 1.27 and Q3Comp 2.03 so it seems like 1.17 is finally over.

F8S is also starting in the 6th season of the Bannockburn CTF League. As usual, this clan run league looks to be a fine time for everyone involved!!

FaTe says - "OK...OK... Enough of the New Year BS Excuse for not Fragging...Let's Get Back to Some Good Ole Ass Kikin!!!"

January 3, 2001 - Happy New Year Everyone!!!

Well the millennium has for sure started now...even those who felt that it did not "really" start until 2001 have been satisfied. I for one have just one thing to say about what!

Team Arena is all the rage...some good things about it...some not so good things about it. I suppose F8S will have to consider migrating to it...or not. Of course, the real question is where is the TW3 we were promised????

Remember this from the Thunderwalker Web Site.

"Ok. This may be a let down after my tease, but try to think about it logically. Today I am officially announcing to the world that TW3(code name to be determined later)is to be a reality."

Well Fezzik....sup?

FaTe says - "I Sure Do Miss Those Good Ole ThunderWalker Days Sometimes . . . Don't You?"

December 13, 2000 - Fresh Meat...errrr....I Mean Our Newest Minion!!!

We are proud to welcome XLR8[F8S] in the ranks of our illustrious Minions! He is the first of what I expect to be a whole line of new members who are cewl enough to incorporate the number 8 into their names....I can see it now...EXFOLI8[F8S] CopUL8[F8S], MasterB8[F8S] and even I_pukedupthelunch-I-8[F8S]...the possibilities are endless!!!

We are actively recruiting. So, if you are not a Minion and are interested in Q3 CTF, just follow the instructions on the Tryouts page...the link it right over there --->

FaTe says - I Love Growing the F8S Family!!!

December 5, 2000 - F8S Fall in Two!!!

FaTe's Minions is out of our own tourney - the EIT-II - in two. A close first round loss to Xtreme alliance and a second round sqeaker of a defeat by Clan Nomands did us in. I know it was disappointing for everyone who showed and played for F8S but I want to say how proud I am of all the effort and heart that went into our play.

FaTe says - You Guys are the Best - Fuck All the Rest!

November 29, 2000 - EIT 1st Round Match!!!

Well after a week of delay F8S will have it's first round match in the EIT2 tonight against Xtreme Alliance...figures the two clans running the tourney would be the ones to screw up the schedule. In case you didn't know it Wallace...founder of the BCTFL is a member of Xa. Well good luck Xa...but not too good I hope...hehehe.

Zeus[F8S] Gets a New Case!!!

OK...OK...check this out. I needed to upgrade one of the machines in my office and used it as an excure to get the cewlest case on earth for my Game System - Zeus.

Well wadda ya think? Aluminum gleaming, I am spoonging on it big time and can't wait to tear old Zeus apart and put new Zeus together!!

FaTe says - Oh Yeah Baby....Cooler Master Cases RULE!!!

November 6, 2000 - Fallout[F8S] Get His Marching Orders!!!

Looks like things are moving forward in the EIT...we have our first round match coming up vs Extreme Alliance[XA] the home clan of Wallace of BCTFL the co-sponsor of the tourney!!! Wooohooo!! This is a great way to start this tourney. GL XA...and GL F8S!!!

F8S Recruiting and training co-ordinator Fallout[F8S] has a new RL (real life...not rocket launcher - silly!) job that will give him back to us. This one is a day job...much better for F8S than his old swing shift gig! So, he should be out there soon looking for talent to fill a few vacant spots in the roster. Well got your marching orders...get out there - bring me more Minions!

If you didn't notice (scroll down...notice anything?) I archived the last years worth of News...but it is not gone...just hiding. The link at the bottom of the page will take you to the links for a journey through time to the the News from FaTe's Briefcase from prior case you have absolutely NO life whatsoever and want to kill some time!

FaTe says - Memories...I think I am Gettin Misty!!! *sniffle*

November 6, 2000 - F8S/BCTFL EIT Part Duex!!!

With a little push from our old friend Wallace, F8S and BCTFL have teamed up to sponsor the EIT II. This is the second coming of the F8S' Elite Invitation Tourney with a few major modifications. It will still feature custom maps for the TB's and a Referee and Rules Committee made up of representatives from all participating clans. But we have lowered the minimum team size from 7 to 5 and also eliminated the round robin play, limiting the competition to straight double elimination. We are still restricting participation to seasoned clans and we are looking forward to a rocking good time. 5 of the 8 slots are already full up and if you want more info on the EIT just hit the link above.

FaTe says - Nothin Gets me Going Like some Good Ole Tourney Play...Wanna Know Why? - Because Pressure Makes Diamonds!!!

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