November 11, 1999 - October 24, 2000

October 24, 2000 - F8S Retro Site Returns...More Defections and a Little Forgiveness for Some Old Friends.

If you got this far, you have already seen that the old elegance has returned of the F8S web site...with the addition of a way cewl logo developed by yours truly and Emeritus member SoN-o-FaTe. Sometimes the simple ways are the best...and in keeping with a return to our roots we also resurrected the old Worf "It is a good day to die!" And I like it!!!

Sad news with the departure of a few more F8S...Rapture (left to join the newest Q3Clan formed by several former F8S Cruciform), Kernul (off to look for a west coast Clan) and our precious SoDDeR (looking to find himself in the world of Q3). Their departures will certainly not make us stronger...only sadder. But we wish them all well and stand committed to remaining what we have always been...The Best Damned Non Clan Clan in all of Quakedom!!!

In spite of some real hard feeling around the Clan after recent abrupt departures by several long standing members of the F8S Clan leadership I have decided that the right thing to do...yes some still feel compelled to do the right thing...was to add the names of Crewmaac[F8S]DaThug, Rapture[F8S] and Kernul[F8S] the honor roll of F8S Emeritus...those whose presence among the Minions has been a pleasure and an honor to share. They will always be welcome here...

FaTe says - To err is forgive is the F8S Way(tm)!!!

October 21, 2000 - CRUCIFORM - Q3CTF's Newest Clan Created...F8S Loses a Few Ribs!!!

Just like Adam...god has stepped in a removed a few of F8S ribs to form a new clan..Cruciform ([4-M] is the tag I think). After a bumpy ride where F8S was first ping-raped by a mediocre Clan (see UT article below)in the FFF...then thrashed by a good clan (GRITS) in the DPI and finally losing a real squeaker in the BCTFL match against TJZ (we lost two very long over-time maps but won the other map by a large margin) dissention reared it's ugly head and demands were made to divide the clan into two with all the top players and the other with the rest of F8S.

Well in an effort to accommodate the prima donnas we tried it for a week...they lost anyway (in all fairness...they lost by less!?!) and the rest of the clan (including me!) felt noting but alienated in the process. I have sat out matches for months at a time...but never have I felt that "not a part" of the clan. So, after realizing that very quickly this selfish boneheaded scheme would destroy the F8S community that has been built over the many years I exercised my Supreme authority declaring an end to the ignoble experiment with a "not in my house" - even though I knew it would surely cost us many of our best players. So, the inevitable split took place sooner rather than later. The leaders of the defectors have now formed (or until they finish looting the F8S roster - are forming) Cruciform - Fuck I feel like I just had a baby!!!

Well, the scars will take some time to heal..but now the names of Crewmaac, Varelse and Conviction (and other who follow them) are added to the list of former F8S who left our family because they did not think the rest of us were good enough to play with them...names like KAS, KRUPT, Ares and IceQube. Over the years many others have left for many different reasons...but these few are of a special class...

Make no mistake about it...these former comrades will not be added to the names of the Emeritus Members...they will merely be remembered...some more fondly than those who deserted F8S when things got tough and doing things the F8S way(tm) was not good enough to feed thier selfish desire to win at all costs...including the cost of the feelings of their clan mates and any loyatly to F8S. F8S focus on having fun and leting as many as possible play while still doing our best to win costs us matches all the time - that is the F8S way(tm)...apparently it is NOT the Cruciform way.

FaTe says - It's Like Rats Deserting a Sinking Ship that they themselves Scuttled!!!!

October 11, 2000 - Will Shit...Guess I Overestimated the Honor of some West Coast Clans!!!

Our first round match in the FFF (Fall Festival ot Flags) Team Play's BS fake tourney thing was a complete disaster. Apparently I over-estimated the honor and fair play of at least some of the participating West Coast Clans. And I had expected there to be some effort to have a fair match in terms of ping. There wasn't!

We faced the untouchables (in Hindu countries the "untouchables" are the lowest class of humans - considered to be one incarnation above pond scum...but then that is in Hindu countries...not California!). UT flatly refused to agree to any server where the pings were anywhere near even. So we ended up playing a very unfair match.

WTF...I have seldom seen pings this low outside of a LAN...and frankly I have been to several LAN's where the pings were higher than UT.pimp's 18MS ping. To my surprise the F3 official did nothing...apparently feeling that there was not a thing wrong with a 18MS ping or the fact that F8S average ping was more than 2 times that of the UT least!!! UT.pimp's assurance that he is not on the LAN with the server was plenty for the Tourney "Official" growl...what crap! Just check this out.....

So we took a biggie there...we have done that before. But I truly regret getting the Clan into a tourney where the officials care nothing for FAIR PLAY and the clans care nothing for competition and honor...and for that I apologise to the members of Minions deserve better - much better!

FaTe says - Ouch...Ooch...Ooww...Eeek...Hey cut that out!!!!

October 3, 2000 - Amd Then There Were Two...Turneys in the WEST Divisions!!!

Woohoo...this one looks like the real thing. In keeping with our recent move west, F8S has entered the West Division of the Demoplex Invitational (DPI)!!!!! This invitational has some of the premier Q3CTF clans in the nation and we are proud and pleased to be among them. And special thanks go out to Clan sympatico who dropped out leaving a spot for us and to the oh so wise administrators of the DPI for having the vision to select F8S to fill the void!!!

We will also have the good fortune of playing in a tourney with some of our old foes from the days of ThunderWalkerCTF like Wicked Mojo as well as some of our even older player opponents like VoOd, now of clan ascendency...well actually both WM and ascend are in the East division... but who knows..the finals pit the #1 clan in the East with the #1 Clan in the west!!!

FaTe says - FaTe's Minions - the Best Clan in the West...and to Hell with All the Rest!!!

September 30, 2000 - F8S Enters the Fall Flags Festival - WEST Division!!!

Get ready to take it on the road F8S...we are entered in the WEST coast division of's Fall Festival of let's hope it doesn't turn into a Festival of LAGS!!!

Actually with Crewmaac[F8S] and True2Crew[F8S] in California and Varelse[F8S]'s ISP portal at mae west along with our middle states guys like Crazy_One[F8S] and Kernul[F8S] we should not have much trouble fielding teams with decent pings...and if we do have a few HPB's on the what...F8S is still gonna kick some major ass in this one!!!

Quake 3 jersey's Marked down 25%!!!

The Q3 jerseys shown below in the July post have been marked down from $88 to $66 each...with lettering and Logo extra. So, this is a great opportunity to get some for the whole family...can't wait til my wife opens hers on Christmas Eve...the ID logo on the front and the custom F8S logo and her handle..."SPOUSE-O-FATE" on the back...HO HO HO HO HO HO...(she hates quake)...this should be good!

FaTe says - But just gotta wear it to Church!!!

September 17, 2000 - New Site - New Ladder and League - New Members - Same Old FaTe!!!

Conviction[F8S] Gives the Website a Facelift!

Lots of new things happening around the old F8S campfire lately...and lots more to come. First is the Complete redesign of the F8S web site by FLASHmaster Conviction[F8S] and his trusty graphics sidekick Crewmaac[F8S]...all I can say is thanks biys - it truly rocks. The main homepage is done and we are working on several of the subpages...and there may even be a new and improved classic diamond style F8S logo that SoN o FaTe and I have been working on somewhere on the site...if it's not too late to fit it in!

Here is a preview of the new version of the old standard diamond logo that SoN o FaTe and I did this week end...without the animation...but it is pretty much the way I originally envisioned it and have always wanted it to look!

Welcome to eXiLe[F8S] and Tazz[F8S]

The newest Minions - eXiLe and Tazz were recently granted the honor (well it is an honor...sort of...) of becoming my newest Minions! eXiLe[F8S] is former leader of Clan Xealot...fortunately with the demise of his old clan he was able to find his way home! Tazz[F8S] is from the Jacksonville F8S - apparently he so endeared himself to the Minions who attended the recent LAN there that they made him join and then made us accept him as one of our own!

Congratulations to both of are a fine addition to the Minions! Welcome Home!

New Competitions too!

F8S has been playing in the ladder for quite a while and also just finished our second round of the Banockburn CTF League...but as usual...F8S NEED action. So in addition to the new season of the BCTFL and the ongoing battles supplied by the Teamplay Ladder...we are also doin another CTF Ladder...the Xtreme Tournament Gaming League.

We have made our first here we go again!

Well that's pretty much all for now. With summer over and everyone back in the old batcave (well actually that's new too!) we have been having great turnouts at meetings and practices and things are sweet as sweet can be!

FaTe says - Yeeehhhaaawwww!!!...It's Great to Have F8S Rockin and a Rollin Again!!!

July 22, 2000 - Lot's of News for Yous...Update Update Update!!!

Lots of Congratulations in order around the F8S Clubhouse...

First...congratulations to the entire Clan for finally putting to bed the longest recoreded losing streak in Clan least as far as I can remember anyway...after 7 straight losses in the Ladder F8S defeated Section 8 in a close one on Wednesday night...and yes it went into a tiebreaker map...which after being down 0-2 on Q3WCTF2 (which we had just been whipped 10-4 on as the second map) the team found a way and came back to win the match 4-2!!! It was especially nice to see that brothers (Chunks[F8S] and SoDDeR[F8S]) can play nice together!!!

F8S is also listed as among the top 10 Q3CTF clans in the Champion Quake League - F8S CQL Page and SoDDeR[F8S] is among the top 50 players online during the same week. Way to go F8S and way to go SoDDeR!!!

FallOut[F8S] looking good and it is catching on!!!

Also good news and fun on the RL front...looks like the sight threatening eye disease that FallOut[F8S] had has cleared up...but not before we chipped in together and got him a coolio Q3 Jersey..and while ordering his Jersey I took the opportunity to order custom F8S appliques for the back of the these are gonna be HOT! Here is the front view and a shot of the Logo too...

F8S 7V7 Q3CTF EIT Tourney fades...

The EIT has kinda trailed off into the wilderness...too many flake offs...and then summer hit. Maybe it will be revived in the Fall as a 6v6 format...though I still believe that 7v7 is the minimum team size for GR8 CTF matches.

FaTe says - Hmmmm...No News Update Guilt Now...Nice Feeling!!!

May 31, 2000 - Well Now That's Better!!!

After a few weeks of spotty attendance and a general feeling of WTF, F8S got back on track last night with the best meeting and practice we have had in recent memory! Maybe it was SoDDeR[F8S]'s return or a little magic from our newest member RiXiLe[F8S]...but whatever it was...I like it! Now all we need it to get Rapture[F8S] and FallOut[F8S] back full time...and maybe have a few others like EvilOne[F8S] take a break from RL to come play...and it will be a perfect world...though after last night things seems real fukin good...for sure!

FaTe says - I Love it When a Plan Comes Together!!!

May 21, 2000 - Jacksonville Armory Assault Pix in!!!

Well we still do not have a picture of everyone who attended the JAX lan from F8S either of the two we have attended en masse. But here's a picture that came in from Porrada[F8S] - - - say was Porrada actually there? - - - showing in order from front to back Porrada, Arson, FaTe and Conviction....sure brings back sweet memories!!! Thanks for sending it in Porrada!

May 21, 2000 - Guilt Post!!!

It's been way too long since my last news update so since I have a few moments, I was feeling guilty about not updatig in a while...but you know I always hate it when I go to a clan site and there is a sappy apology for the lack of updates so I have no intention of...uh oh!!!

Conviction[F8S] was given expidited full clan membership after going from newbie to core member in a few weeks. Congratulations again does not happen often that we find a new member who fits in so well so fast!!

F8S is alive in both the EIT and the BCTFL and have been fraggin away. A few of us are on temporary leave due to various bandwidth and real life issues...mostly relocations of domicile...but we are still sloggin along as best we can!

May 3, 2000 - F8S keep Right on Rocking!!!

Well I have been again remiss in updating the Clan's News page...but not so on the EIT if you want an idea of what's happening there is a good place to look.

We recent;ly granted provisional Membership to Conviction[F8S] who looks to be a fine addition to our ranks...welcome aboard Con!

Speaking of Conviction...he Al_CaHolic, Ringmaster, Arson, Rapture, WitchyBitch, Porrada (sorry man!!!) and yours truly (FaTe) spent last weekend at the Armory Assault LAN party in Jacksonville...with a few old (The Qleaner and Chubbz) and lots of new friends...what a blast!

Our Tourney matches are going just fine and from what I understand we will be starting our league play soon...lots of fraggin for everyone!! WOOHOO!!!

Well that's all for now....have fun!!!

- FaTe[F8S]

April 5, 2000 - Rapture[F8S] is DA MAN!!!

Rapture[F8S] is now the official Team master...that means that he is responsible for team assignments and practices. He stepped up and we are glad to have him handling this part of Clan Administration. Everyone in F8S should be sure to let him know your preferences on maps and positions. He is looking to get us playing together in regular teams on each map and this will be a big help in furthering our mutual goal of maximizing team play and let's all give him all the help he needs to continue making F8S the Best Damned Clan in all of Quakedom(TM).

- FaTe[F8S]

March 25, 2000 - F8S EIT About to Launch!!!

Well we are about ready to launch the EIT...for anyone who has been in outerspace or is stopping by for the first time, the IET is the F8S Q3CTF 7v7 Expert Invitaational Tourney. Hit the link below for the updated EIT news!

- FaTe[F8S]

March 20, 2000 - Fallout, Nicole and baby Rhiannon[F8S]

Just got some pictures of the newest addition to the F8S here you go...and Congratulations again to Fallout and Nicole.

Hmmm...that thing on her mouth looks like she got it from Visor!!!

- FaTe[F8S]

March 17, 2000 - Results Page Update...sort of...

The results page has been redone to include spots for some of our new activities. Thanks for the wake up call Ring[F8S]! F8S are presently battling in at least one Q3CTF ladder, one ThunderWalker Q1 CTF tourney , one Q3CTF league and we are about to start our own Q3A CTF 7v7 Tourney. I don't have any new results posted yet but I set up a separate page for each type of competition in the hopes what a few F8S will step up and volunteer to be responsible for each. Check it out

FaTe's Minions' Battles Page

- FaTe[F8S]

March 13, 2000 - FaTe Returns!!!

FaTe after having come back from along trip out to California, managed to do some updating to our upcoming Q3CTF tourney. Check it out

March 12, 2000 - Fallout Reproduces!!!

Fallout F8S is now the proud father of a bouncing baby girl. Another Minion into the training pool joining Stinkypants F8S.

Congratulations Mr and Mrs Fallout F8S

March 7, 2000- F8S took on Clan High Seas in week 2 of our BHCTF league. The match started off in a fragathon. They soundly beat us on Q3CTF1, 8-2. We made a come back on the next map Q3WCTF2, Courtyard Condrum, we managedto pull off a victory 6 -3. The tiebreak was Q3CTF2, it was tough as nails but the F8S offense got on track and won 7-3.

March 5, 2000 - F8S verrsus AKA!!!

F8S played a very hard fought match against our old friends Clan AKA. They beat us in two map, they earned it. We almost won on Remix but their offense was just too tough. Good Job AKA!

Feburary 29, 2000 - F8S Complete their first match in the BHCTF League

We played Clan Bravehart,it was a tough match, the first Map Courtyard Condrum was decidedby frags becuase we Tied at 3 caps each ! Second map Bloodlustwe won 3 to 0. The tiebreak Q3CTF3 we lost hard 7 caps to 2 :(It was a well earned win for Clan BH. Congratulations Clan BH!It was a good indoctrination into the competitive arean of Q3CTF.

- Crazy_One F8S

February 26, 2000 - F8S Invade the Armory Assault!!!

FaTe's Minions has invaded the Armory Assault, the premierLAN in the southeast...and we are kikin ass and takin names!!About 150 in attendance...12 of whome are F8S or F8S related associates....checkit out!!!

February 16, 2000 - F8S Q3CTF Expert Invitational Tourney Web Site Up!!!

OK the beta of the EIT website is may look a little familair to some of you...hehehe.I could use some help with the foillowing...CGI scripting hasme is a tizzy...I can not get the cgi generated pages to havethe same look and feel as the message board page...HELP (SMR?).The Clan and Rules pages need to be designed...I can get the Rulesdone...but I could use some help with the Clan pages...we willneed a lot of depth in that area for roster, contact info andresults ans me if you can help on this one too.

WELCOME to F8S goes out to UnkleB[F8S]and Kernul[F8S]

Man these guys rocked our house last night and were both voted in by unnanimoous vote of all members present. I have not seen that in quite a while. Skills and communication as usual will need some fine tuning in team play the F8S' way(TM)...but our training master Rapture[F8S] has some great material to work with here. Can't wait to see the team in some competition!!!

FaTe says - F8S is gonna ROCK YOUR WORLD Q3CTF!!!

February 13, 2000 - FaTe Turns52 - F8S Q3CTF Expert Invitational Tourney - Lots of New Membersfor Q3CTF...and other good news!!!

First of all...Happy Birthday to me!!!!!OK...OK but someone had to say it...that's right kiddies...the Ole Fatester is 52 today...Yeeeehhhaaawww!!!!! And still kikinass and takin names!!!

FaTe says - I ain't getting younger...I'm getting better!!!

F8S Q3CTF Expert InvitationalTourney

F8S (OK me...) has initiated efforts to establish a REAL Q3CTF tourney...not this chickenshit 4 on 4 DM with flags shit...real CTF - 7 on 7 full team matches. The Q3CTF maps beg for big teams and we are gonna make it happen. Teamplay.nethas offered to host it and things are getting set up now. So, I decided that I better dust off the ole briefcase and start the news presses rolling again...just in case any newcomers come here looking for the lowdown.

Here it is so far. These are not final...only strong suggestions, subject to discussion and approval by the Rules Committee.(See Rules Committee section below!)

Only 8 Clans will be invited to compete in the first round...if we can get it down to an efficient thing we may try more second round...but for now 8 seems like a real nice number. And here's why...every Clan will play every other Clan in the preliminary rounds. And then we will have a full double elimination playoff seeded by the results of the round robin play.

Each Clan participating will be required to keep one member on the Tourney Rules Committee. The Rules Committee will be responsible for setting, maintaining and enforcing the rules. Members of the Rules Committee will also most probably be qualified as Refs for matches along with any other Clan members who have the experience and the willingness to do it.

Of Course, matches will be minimum 7 v 7, open 2 out of 3, 20 minute maps with no cap limit. Until someone comes up with a mod that properly scores team play, this is all we have. Tied maps will be scored in the preliminary round as ties. In the playoff, we will probably adopt a 5 minute overtime followed by sudden death format.

That's what I have so far. I have requested a Tourney Web Board from and will let everyone know the deal as soon as I get a response.

FaTe says - If it ain't at least 7 on 7 it ain't CTF!!!

F8S Clan News.....

Not sure where to start here... F8S has been recruiting heavily to acquire new talent for our push into Q3CTF. I won't list them case I miss anyone and piss them off...but just let me say that I am very very pleased with our new members and predict that F8S will be stronger and better than ever in Q3CTF!!! Checkout the Clan Roster page for the member names and facts.

F8S has also enhanced our presence in the Quake community by opening a "public" IRC on the server at #Clan_f8s so stop by and say HI!!!

FaTe says - FaTe's Minions...still the best damned Clan in all of Quakedom!!!

The TWZT Millennium Tourney

F8S is playing in what I expect may be it's final ThunderWalker CTF tourney....sad but true. We came together in ThunderWalker but most of the Clan thinks it's time for us to be moving on to Q3CTF and whatever mod makes it the most fun. We will miss the tight family that was TW...but as most TW folks know...those wondrous days of the Non Clan tourney...the CNN Expert Server with awesome stats...the HEX Sheep server..and all the other moments that made the ThunderWalker community a Camelot are long gone and all that remains are a bunch of snotnosed l33t I for one and ready to bid TW least until the TW wonderboys, Pand-o-Fire and Fezzik come out with their Q3TW CTF mod!!!

FaTe says - We each wandered seperate...the Lone Wolves of ThunderWalker..Outcasts and Renegades...the Deadliest of Mercinaries...Brought together by FaTe...driven by our Passion and our Will...Forged into Diamonds in the Furnace of Competition...Friends, Fathers, Sons and Brothers...Together a Team...We are......

November 11, 1999 - Web site Revisions...the Good the Bad and the Ugly!!!

Well at the insistence of several of our more ambitious clansmen we have begun a revision of out website. No shockwave yet...but a lot of what is going on is very cewl. Slick as shit auto roster dealies and some nifty other stuff too. Unfortunately, some of it is also sort of tasteless and some of it is down right butt ugly. But we are moving forward on this thing together and I have a feeling that when we are done the NEW and IMPROVED F8S site will be just that...New and Improved!

A special thanks to our part time member Pigsknucles[F8S] for that ever so cewl spinning F8S logo thingie and to Crewmaac[F8S] and Rapture[put-your-tag-back-on] for all of their efforts.

FaTe says - Together we will accomplish great and wondrous things.

Old News