May 15 - November 11, 1999

November 11, 1999 - Web site Revisions...the Good the Bad and the Ugly!!!

Well at the insistence of several of our more ambitious clansmen we have begun a revision of out website. No shockwave yet...but a lot of what is going on is very cewl. Slick as shit auto roster dealies and some nifty other stuff too. Unfortunately, some of it is also sort of tasteless and some of it is down right butt ugly. But we are moving forward on this thing together and I have a feeling that when we are done the NEW and IMPROVED F8S site will be just that...New and Improved!

A special thanks to our part time member Pigsknucles[F8S] for that ever so cewl spinning F8S logo thingie and to Crewmaac[F8S] and Rapture[put-your-tag-back-on] for all of their efforts.

FaTe says - Together we will accomplish great and wondrous things.

October 17, 1999 - Oh My GAWD - DethBrnGr[F8S] is BACK!!!

Heaven save us all...DethBrnGr[F8S] is back in F8S. After several weeks of groveling and begging I have decided that F8S should give our own bad boy another chance and allow him back into the fold. Good to have you back where you belong you crazy Canuk cowboy!!! You may not be F8S only canuk, but you sure are our most radical one. You behave now and we will put your awesome skilz to good use.

FaTe says - Beware those who would oppose the Minion's onslaught...DethBrnGr[F8S] rides again!!!!

October 15, 1999 - F8S' Mini Q3 Tourney is a bust!!!

Oh well...sometimes we try things that work and sometimes we try things that don't...the mini tourney didn't...enough said!

FaTe[F8S] anoints Rapture[F8S] the Enforcer!!!

Enough of this bullshit with poor attendance at Clan meeting and more easy going BS...F8S members now have to answer to a higher authority. Our beneficent Supreme Warlord (me!) made Rapture[F8S] our Sargeant at Arms and Head if members get sloppy, they have Rap to deal with! Heads will roll and F8S will do nothing but get tighter and tighter!

FaTe says - Grrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrr!!!!

September 29, 1999 - F8S' Mini Q3 Tourney!!!

After doing well in the C&M Summer TW tourney ...(just missed the 6 team playoffs by a bit...F8S is now jumping into Q3 with an All F8S mini tourney. Team DM and small teams for the small maps! News will be posted about the Q3 mini tourney as regularly as possible so look here and look there.

The HeX Thunderwalker CTF Tourney Returns - and F8S is there!

F8S keeps on keepin on in its THUNDERWALKER tradition with the HeX TW Tourney which wll be starting real soon!!! We are entered in both the LPB and mixed ping brackets and should have one hell of a good time! Watch out KAS[HX] and K^R^A^P^T[HX] and all you other former F8S...we are comin to get ya!!!

FaTe says -Yeeeehhhhaaawwww!!!!!

July 19, 1999 - FaTe Returns ...and so do his MINIONS!!!!

Hey all...well FaTe's News is back online. F8S has entered the C&M Summer TW tourney and we intend to rock the house. Oh yeah Baby! With Crazy One[F8S] now a LPB , Rapture[F8S] back up with his nasty ISDN and rumors arounds that even Crewmaac[F8S] will be an LPB soon, things are lookin good! Special thanks go out to the boys at C&M for all their work in putting this 'for the fun of it" tourney together!

May 15, 1999 - FaTe Rocks the HOUSE at E3!!!

Oh yeah Baby!!! The old Fatester is havin a blast on his annual pilgramage to E3 to visit the bleeding edge of the game world...some predictions...well you already know that the PS2 will rule the world...and the real shocker will be the film and television industries offering up thier little brother in the entertainment industry (computer games) to the media and congressional madness rather then suffering any more heat for violence in american society. ..want evidence? Witness Disney removing "Violent" video games from it's parks and hotels! This is gonna get ugly.

Enough of this...on to the pictures of the Show floor...and elsewhere.

As always the main floor it just too excessive to be described in are a few peeks!

Here's my Game project partner Tony chumming it up with some odd looking friends he made at the show!


I was able to solidify F8S alliance even further with a Blood wine toast with my new buddy!

The Gamespy/GOD parking lot party accross the street from the "Official" conference site! Free beer, margarita's and Tequila o man did I get fucked up last night....passed out at 10 and woke up to the dry has been a long time since that has happened!

Fuckin outlaws...gotta love em!

Tonight I attend the GOD/SPY rave and compete on stage in the Q3 DM...for honor and the clan!

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