FaTe's News - November/December 1998

December 16, 1998 - BIG NEWS - Minions Victorious!!!

I am pleased to announce the First ever Quake 2 CTF victory of FaTe's Minions in the History of the entire Universe!!! WOOHOO!!!!! Details will follow...but for now let's just say we are all pleased and proud of this accomplishment. Go get em guys!!!

December 13, 1998 - No News...Hardly!

Shhhh...FaTe is sleeping..........

Hey all...like all good news sites...no news for a while usually just means someone is slacking...but we won't say who...OK?

F8S continues in its schooling in Q2. Also, we are looking forward to the BOB mini tourney for the consolation teams in the WLT. Other than that we have CNN2 next year and the holiday madness setting in...wonder just what sort of upgrades will be in our stockings and under the tree.

December 4, 1998 - News Straight from the Horse's Mouth...from our Q2 Captain,Crewmaac[F8S], on F8S First Q2CTF Match!

In Fate's Minions latest adventure we decided to enter a Quake2 Tourney. Our first match was with the Beanie Babies. By the sounds of these guys you wouldn't think they were so tuff heheheh little did we know. When the match started it was Fates with an all Offensive run to the enemy base. Maq with his quick foot work grab the flag and made it home safely. By this time we thought we had it in the bag. Anyway little did we know that we would have 3 enemies waiting in our base at all times. Every time we went in our base our heads were blown off with rockets and double barrel shot gun blasts. We had gotten their flag to our base many times only to be waited by the enemy. Their defense clobbered our Offense instantly. We needed a better plan. So for the second map we decided to throw in a little D. Well once again we were shattered with no caps at all the second map. Our D was blown to smithereens and could never regroup. So We all turned into llamas. Thus ended the war with a 30-1 victory in favor of Beanie Babies.....Crewmaac[F8S]

Thanks for the update Crew....and best of luck to the Q2 squad in their next outing!

December 3, 1998 - F8S Signs New Player and Finds a New Game to Play...and to get Beat at!

A big warm Minions' welcome goes out to our newest Clansman, Shuhravy[F8S]. A former Clan-mate of Scarton in the infamous CTF clan PATH, Shu was come to us looking to feed his need for some good old fashioned team play. He brings superior skills and a great attitude and should have a real positive impact on the Clan.

Hey hey hey...waddya know...F8S can do more than just good ole Thunderwalker. Crewmaac assembled a squad of adventurous Minions and jumped into the ShrubFest98 Q2 CTF tourney. A truly wonderful time was had by all...but with no experience and little or no practice the Clan Beanie Babies prevailed...Oh My God!!! I just read that...the Godly FaTe's Minions beaten by the sissy Clan Beanie Babies..this is way too much for me to handle...I wonder where the hose for the pool vacuum is and if it will reach from the exhaust pipe into the hear window of F8S Benz, Cloud 9?

November 30, 1998 - F8S News Tidbits..and lots of em!

Lots of news for you...guess that's what happens when I forget to post for a few days..huh?

Crewmaac[F8S] has taken over the position of Recruiting and Training Coordinator though I doubt he can do 1/2 the job the AzagThoth[F8S] was doin...hehehe...just kidding Crew! So if you are not F8S and wanna be...just hit the button on the right side of the screen you are looking at and we'll let you know the score..you'll be in good hands with Crewmaac

Speaking of Crewmaac...he has also gone out and enrolled F8S in a Q2 CTF tourney ShrubFest98 !! Looks like a real good time...now if I only knew how to play Q2!!!! First opponent Clan Beanie Babies...sure they sound tough...but we can beat em anyway!!

KASualty has announced his plans to depart F8S for greener pastures with his old clanmate Chubbz[HEX]. He will be staying with us through the end of the present tourney to help out...then he's on his way. Don't be a stranger in the Batcave old friend...and I expect F8S and HEX to form a strong alliance!

First round match in the Wicked Legacy Tourney tonight.....LGC2 picked Spill the blood...F8S picked Forgotten Mines...my bet is it goes into a tiebreaker in the Pig Factory.

That's all for now!

November 23, 1998 - F8S A-Team Leaves Megabits Victorious!

FaTe's Minions' A-Team departed Megabits with thier victory banner. The extreme hardships and effort of each and all of these dedicated clan members paid off. Their mental toughness is reflected in the stupefied looks on the faces of the team members as they gathered just prior to making their divergent trips home. The Victory Banner will be hung with honor in the F8S Batcave. The first of many many to come.

Who says ping doesn't matter!

November 21, 1998 - F8S RULZ 99.7!!!

The Minions prevailed in a hard fought battle with Clan 99.7. F8S won the first map Xeno7 - REMIX (our choice) by a mere 8 points!!! Clan 99.7 then took F8S to school on their pick Cheat Complex...on our home server. The final tie breaker map...fortuitously selected by the powers that be...Forgotten Mines was delivered in a convincing manner by F8S.

A special congrats to SeeMeRun[F8S] who was playing in his first tourney match...heck he outscored me on two of the three maps! And a very special Thank you to Whiplash[99.7] who with his trash talk and boorish manners helped motivate F8S to kick his ass!

Oh yeah, I think we have finally discovered how to overcome the significant ping disadvantage..we just had two clansmen from Atlanta (ShadowPouncer[F8S] and Rapture[F8S]) and two from Miami (FaTe[F8S] and SoN-o-FaTe[F8S]) to drive a combined 1,000+ miles to meet an play a SeeMeRiun[F8S]'s ISP - Megabits - in Merritt Island, Florida! That sure fixed everything! Oh yeah baby...you bet it did!

November 16, 1998 - F8S Beginning to Come Out of Losing Streak!!!

The Minions split the first two maps with Clan Chaos and Mayhem forcing a tiebreaker..but ultimately went down with fire and glory. A renewed commitment to do whatever it takes in our final round preseason match has instilled the Clansmen with a new vigor! We will prevail...this I promise you!!

November 14, 1998 - DrunkenMonkey[F8S] Planing Secret Coup!

F8S own Trig is planing a takeover of the TWlist new SDFL Shetan with the help of SCarton[F8S] and several others. These guys are serious...check it out! It is good to see that our brothers in arms carry their desire for mayhem beyond the confines of the Game we love and out into the community at large..err..well at least into the community at small! Good luck com padres...hope you survive the wrath of the Royal executioner..emmm...isn't the royal High Executioner Kibagami[F8S]? /me wondering if I have a conflict of interest here.....

November 10, 1998 - F8S Membership Changes...Incoming and Outgoing!

A big welcome goes out to our newest provisional members...MAQ[F8S], Tiger[F8S] and IcEPiK[F8S]. Show up, contribute and don't piss me off and you'll be tenured members in no time!!!

And a fond farewell to Phoil who has resigned his commission due to something called RL...though frankly, I'm not sure why anyone would resign because of their Rocket Launcher? Good luck to you old friend and come back from time to time to see you old comrades in arms.s.

November 8, 1998 - F8S Losing Streak Continues!!!

The Minions continues the defeated streak by losing to the Zesty FragAholics in two maps. The stats, screen shots an demos are posted on the Results page. F8S was crushed on Spill The Blood (perhaps our least favorite map!) but played better on our map choice Forgotten Mines. Morale is down here in th Batcave as we await our next match. Good luck in the Tourney ZFA...well played!!

November 3, 1998 - Monster Mash LAN Fever Hit's F8S!!!

FaTe[F8S], Chubbz[???] and SeeMeRun[F8S] are putting together a LAN for President's Day week end (which also happens to be old FaTe's 51st B-day saturday!) from friday the12th of Feb to monday the 15th of Feb in CocoBeach, Florida. SeeMeRun has an ISP there - Megebitss the Home of the F8S server - and the accomodations are reasonable (US reasonable). SMR also haveconnections with local Computer dudes so we will hopefully be able to set up fairly economical rentals for out of towners. It is 45 minutes or so from Orlando Int'lairport which is a very cheap airport to use due to the Disney traffic. Still in the planning stages but thought that you guys should know...After missing the Monster Mash we need some action downSouth!

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