FaTe's News - September/October 1998

October 30, 1998 - Monster Mash!!!

The BIG NEWS in the land of the THUNDERWALKERS is the opening of the Monster Mash Lan Party in Kingston Ontario. Hosted by Sniper Diva and Effigy of CNN...this looks to be the largest asssembly of Thunderwalkers in History! Avatar[F8S][CNN][D!] and Azag-thoth[F8S] were signed up for it and I hope they go and fare well. I am bummed because I can't make it.

Tungsten[CNN] has been doing a real fine job of documenting the entire Monster Mash at the Captured.Com site in his soon to ne famous Lure of the LAN series. Check it out...it's a real hoot!

There has been some talk about a F8S sponsored LAN in the Coco Beach area during either the winter or more likely over Spring Break...so keep watching this space. (Get it? Coco Beach? - Cape Kennedy? - Space? hehehe...ummm...never mind).

October 26, 1998 - F8S Visits the Creamatorium One More Time!!!

Well LGC2 really took it to us last night. We had a bit of a ping disadvantage....in the first map...LGC had 6 out of 7 of the lowest pings on the server...with our lowest @ around 120 just below their highest at 150! We played hard but they were just too much for us...and it was not all ping either....but if I never see another Airfist again it is fine with me!! Congrats LGC a good luck on down the road!

I am in love with SHOGO....check out the links page for the Alpha Multiplayer patch...and buy the retail version and install it, damn it! This one a really a BLAST! RED RIOT! KKKAAABOOOOMM!!

October 24, 1998 - Fate's ZEUS Shogo server!!!

If any of you have Shogo look for FaTe's Shogo server on you Gamespy...I set up Zeus as a server...ping from here is great and seems to be not too bad from off site...we have had up to 4 on at once so far!

October 23, 1998 - Meet ZEUS[F8S]!

A new member...well sort of. My new puter (mentioned below) is finally finished in it's final configuration. Sooooooo Pretty...Lovin that GLquake! Take a look inside ------>

October 18, 1998 - F8S Bites it Again!!!

Congratulations to Clan KinDREAD for a great match. We played them hard and can be proud o our improvement...but between their well coordinated game plan...and their fast fast fast pings, F8S succumbed. The first map, Spill the Blood was what we expected...a race for quad control..and they won. The second map...one of F8S favorites Realm of Cloy...was closer, but in the end we were unable to beat their solid D! The stats are posted on the Results page. Next for FaTe's Minions...Legacy 2.

October 14, 1998 - FaTe builds a Monster Machine to Celebrate Holloween!!!

OK...OK...let me give you the poop on this sweetheart!!

The thing that got me started on this project (something that I have been wanting to do for about a year now) was a sale at COMPusa on Diamond Monster 8 meg VooDoo 2 cards for 99 ea. Well I figured that with 2 and a M200 Matrox 2d card i could have a real fine SLI set up for a pretty cheep price...so that got the ball rolling...I also read the a article (link posted here) about overclocking the 333a Celeron which would be a pretty cheap way to go with the processor and we all know that the Abit bh6 is a great bargain...so that was my original plan....but,...... I changes a few things along the way. As a result of some advice from Kibigami[F8S] and whoever it was that posted a note on the TW maio list about STEP thermodynamics I have a very different machine than I had planned...

I went with the Abit BH6...a real fine piece of MB...no doubt about that...but once I saw the STEP thermo cooling system I had to have one...and when I spoke with them they convinced me that their dual fanned 333 P2 was then best way to go...you see they have cherry picked lots of 333 P2 chips, mostly from Intel's Costa Rica factory, that will run at 333 @ 1.8 volts...which also means that you can up the buss speed to 100MHZ and they will run all day at 2 volts.. the Celeron 333a wouldn't run at 100mhz at less than 2.3 volts, which the tech at STEP said was like a hair dryer! So, with the multiplyer locked a 5X that is a solid 500mhz!!! And since it is a speed that STEP recommends the chip and the cooling system are guaranteed for life.

Also for ram I wanted to get a single stick of 128 meg 6-8ns PC100 SDRAM...but the guy I ordered it from couldn't get it for me....so he talked his supplier to substituting 2 64 meg 5ns SDRAM sticks instead...this is the hot stuff - brand new and right off the first run!

I had decided a long time ago to use the 10 GIG 7200 rpm IBM ultra DMA HD and I love it

For video I could not overrule all my friends (mostly Kibby) and my heart who told me to get the Canopus 12 meg V2 3Dfx board...especially when I learned of the Canopus 2d/3d Spectre 2500..a 16 meg Nvidia TNT card that will run with the Pure #3D 2 through the reverse pass through design exclusive to Canopus...(for now I am using a "borrowed" STB 4400 Velocity - also 16 meg TnT card..until my back ordered Spectre shows up next week!) WOW is this stuff pretty.

Sound is presently being handled by a Turtle Beach Montego PCI card...and handled nice at that!

Add in a 32x Mitsumi CD and a standard floppy an that's about it..still loving the Samsung 20GLs that have had for over 2 years and my old Altec speakers w/ the huge subwoffer are just fine...

Oh yeah...an Enlight mid tower Case with a 250 volt power supply.

And yes it rally really runs at 500mhz...real fassssttt!

October 7, 1998 - Quake III Screen Shots looking VERY Pretty!!

Id has released some very pretty screen shots for Quake III...and I mean VERY PRETTY!!! Check them out if you don't believe me. They are posted in a directory at the Gibbed.com site and they are indeed awesome. The bad news is that Id seems to be committed to the molasses speed of the Q2 model rather than the lightning fast speed we ThunderWalkers all love so much...perhaps we need to get on with our evolution and get that Q2 server running.

October 5, 1998 - F8S Tanks It First Round!!!

The Minions played valiantly but were eventually bested by Dreaded Legion in two maps. The stats are posted on the Results page. F8S played well but DL played better. Good luck in the Tourney DL...but if we get another shot at you in the later rounds we will be ready for you!!!

September 30, 1998 - Membership Changes at F8S!!!

Welcome, welcome, welcome to our newest provisional members IceQube[F8S], S.Carton[F8S] and Sir-Gizmo[F8S]. Some of you know S.Carton under his prior Handle...Viper!!!

I am also sad to announce the departure of the Honorable Senator Thomas Perry. SP has succumbed to his old habits of being a Loner and has decided to leave Clan life. Hope he does well and remembers his way back if he gets lonely out there in the cold cruel world!!

September 26, 1998 - Member Pages Going Up...Thanks to Azag-Thoth[F8S]

One of the final pieces of our Web Site is coming together - our individual member pages that are supposed to be linked to the Roster page. Azag-Thoth[F8S] got things moving when he did his own member page and profile page which Crewmaak[F8S], True2Crew{F8S} and I used as a template to do the same. So all you F8S out there get to it! If you can handle the HTML just copy the source code and have at it. Then, either email me your pages or a URL to link. And if you are NG with HTML - NP just write a nice (or real sick) Paragraph about your player, give up the info necessary for the player profile and select a graphic image for the background of your profile page. It seems that Q2 images are most prevalent - except for mine that is!!!

September 24, 1998 - Try-outs continue and Wicked-Legacy Tourney Shedule Set

The Clan Try-outs of Viper, IceQube and Sir-Gizmo will continue tonight with a Chat and then more fragging on our server starting at 9PM EST! They all made it through the initial Try-out map...and now the real tests begin!

The Wicked/Legacy Tourney Schedule is up and this one looks like it is gonna be a blast. Remember this Tourney is open ping, and it is our opportunity to tune ip our fledgling offense and to give the clan LPB's an opportunity to play together for a change. Sorry HPB's but player selection in this one will definately be heavily weighted in favor of connection speed rather then balance.

September 22, 1998 - F8S Server GOLD Sponsors Recognized!

On behalf of all the members of FaTe's Minions I would like to Honor the four members who answered the call by their generous contributions to help defray the initial costs of our Clan server. Even though only $30.00 was requested from the members able to help out - I actually discouraged anyone from sending more - several ignored my instructions (So what else is new!!!) and sent more. The F8S Server GOLD Sponsors are Infinity[F8S] ($100.00), KASualty[F8S] ($50.00), Flatline[F8S] ($30.00) and Zydeco[F8S] ($30.00). Thanks boys for helping with the cost of the server. (And yes I am finally gonna cash your checks!!)

What this means is that almost 50% of the cost of setting up the server has been from contributions from members..and of course none of it would have been possible without SeeMeRun[F8S]'s agreement to host the server on his ISP!

Anyone else wishing to contribute can send in their checks and money orders to T.H.Buscaglia, 111 S.W. 5th Ave., #200, Miami, FL 33130...cause we are looking to add another HD to allow for the addition of a TWQ2 server too! Remember, give generously and give often!

September 20, 1998 - California Dreaming!

As Crewmaak[F8S] and True2Crew{F8S} pack for their move to Southern California, word comes to us of the immanent (read as immediate) move of Trig a/k/a DrunkenMonkey[F8S] to California as well! Guess we will have to consider this change in demographics when scheduling meetings, matches and in selecting servers too!

The new version of Gamespy is out...for registered users. Seems pretty nice, though the improvements are, as is usual, minimal. It and the Quake2 browser plugin have been added to our Links page.

OUr web site is "almost" done...but we could use some help with a template for the individyual member's pages to be linked from the Roster page. I have not done one yet in the hope that one of the Clan members would volunteer to help witgh it. There have been a few offers but nothing yet. Seems a database form and an automatic page generatorwould be a nice way to go...but then that's just a suggestion...any ideas should be posted on our WebBoard.

September 14, 1998 - More Q2 F8S Skins!

How did you spend your week-end? Well Crewmaac[F8S] is supposed to be packing for his move to SoCal...but while True2Crew is busy packing boxes...Crew is playing with our Q2 skins and he has done it again...these are getting good. Now if he would just spell out FaTe's....How bout it Crew....FaTe's Minions!..in New Times Roman..Bold Italics...Please?

September 10, 1998 - Q2 F8S Skins...Get em While They're HOT!

Crewmaac[F8S] sent me the picture below showing the work he has been doing on our custom Q2 ClanSkins....they look very nice! To get a closer look, just click on the picture to see the high res JPEG.

BTW...Crew...I was wondering...will you be able to get True to wear that cute little black Crackwhore outfit to our next clan meeting?

September 8, 1998 - Ragnor[F8S] and True2Crew{F8S} Make the Cut!!

F8S extends its warm welcome to our newest members....Raganor[F8S] and True2Crew{F8S} made the cut tonight and were rewarded in the usual manner! True2Crew{F8S} is our first Woman member...notice the pretty brackets!! I am certain that they both will add to the power and depth of our team approach to TW and Clan play!

Again - - - WELCOME!

September 5, 1998 - Files and Links Page Active.

Our site keeps getting better and better. Our Files and Links page is now open for business! The only files there so far are the QW 2.30 release and the League of Capture Vis'd Maps. As I get more files they will be posted. I'll try to make sure that all the files needed in conjunction with out active servers are available on our site. So, when the TWQ2 server launches we will try to have all necessary files available.

With the help of some source code commandeered from an unnamed clan (thanks Tung) I assembled the basis for or links too! Seems pretty comprehensive. If you think I missed anything let me know.

Now all we need to get done is the individual member pages! Say Merc did I hear you volunteer?

September 1, 1998 - F8S Under New Management.

Well not really new management.....but I am pleased to announce that there have been several significant changes and additions to the leadership of FaTe's Minions...(not no me..I am still WARLORD for Life!!!). First...we have a new Offensive Captain....Kibagami[F8S] will be handling the task...ably assisted by Mercury a/k/a ShadowPouncer[F8S] as his co-captain and second. In addition Azag-thoth[F8S] is our new Defensive co-captain and second to Rapture[F8S].

But that's not all for friend Azag-thoth[F8S]!!!! Subhuman[F8S] has succumbed to the RL (TM) plague that is going around and as a result will not longer be our Recruiting Coordinator...Azag-thoth[F8S] has agreed to accept the responsibility if screening and presenting interested candidates. Thanks Kibbby, Merc and Azag and good luck!

August 31, 1998 - F8S is OUT of FAAT Tourney.

That's right folks...FaTe's Minions has been eliminated from the FAAT tourney in some of the greatest losses in Clan History. The big surprise was the drubbing the B squad took on the Ancient Wargrounds CTF5 map against GIB...apparently GIB secured a few highly talented CTF players to assist in the tourney and they beat hell on us BAD! I believe that it was the worst Clan defeat in clan History! And one of the A squad matches may have been the second worst in History. For the stats and scores check out our results page...As for F8Sb second map...Realm of Cloy...the following screen shot shows how close it was!

Thanks and Congratulations to everyone of the Clansmen that participated in the tourney...you done us proud.

August 30, 1998 - THE NEW BATCAVE OPENS!!!!.

Our new home opened last night...forced by some unsettling "gamesnet.net" problems. N E way...here it is....f8s.megabits.net - #F8S - usual port setup. Enjoy!!! And please come often to keep in touch.

August 27, 1998 - Shadow Pouncer trapped in stone in Mountains.

On review and detailed analysis of photographs taken in the Teton (yes tits) Mountains proof that there is indeed danger in the shadows is confirmed by an actual picture of the Shadow Cat...trapped in stone. (OK so you have to use your imagination a little...but I can see it....can't you?)

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