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August 30, 1998 - THE NEW BATCAVE OPENS!!!!.

Our new home opened last night...forced by some unsettling "gamesnet.net" problems. N E way...here it is....f8s.megabits.net - #F8S - usual port setup. Enjoy!!! And please come often to keep in touch.

August 27, 1998 - Shadow Pouncer trapped in stone in Mountains.

On review and detailed analysis of photographs taken in the Teton (yes tits) Mountains proof that there is indeed danger in the shadows is confirmed by an actual picture of the Shadow Cat...trapped in stone. (OK so you have to use your imagination a little...but I can see it....can't you?)

August 25, 1998 - FaTe and SoN return from the mountains.

SoN-o-FaTe and I have returned from the mountains...as seen below, SoN and I traveled a long path at times above 10,000 ft elevation....some real fine country...heck we even got a ticket from Ranger Bob for our improper campfire! Yes, that's right, the wilderness is secure in the hands of Ranger Bob!

August 17, 1998 - On the Road Again...

Seems like we have done it again...on our last adventure SoF and I Discovered the fountaine of YeeHaww....this time it's even better...the fountain of Sheep!!!

August 15, 1998 - On the Road Again...

Our CNN FAAT match on Sunday night is the most important news and I for one believe we can beat our old friends if we focus and maintain our cool! From what I understand they are more than willing to have a large number of players so everyone on the F8S - A squad should do their very best to make it, both the pre-match practices and to the match!

FaTe[F8S]...that's me...and SoN-o-FaTe[F8S]..along with Spouse o FaTe and KiWi Killa (daughter of FaTe) are off again...this time a bit more extended of a trip before life begins again in earnest. 9 days in the mountains of Utah, Idaho and Wyoming. No itinerary planned...but I will take the laptop along and try to keep everyone posted....hopefully you will all do the same...especially the match results and other important news regarding our Clan, FaTe's Minions...the best non clan clan in all of Quakedom!

August 14, 1998 - Shut up...I suck!!

F8Sb had our second preseason match ..this week against DL a team we could have beaten....but with my total lack of leadership and composure we managed to blow this opportunity to gain a better seed in the tourney. For the first few minutes we were doing fine...then I hit my partially disabled WIN key and my machine locked up requiring a reboot and about the same time Crewmaac's ISP shot him through the heart. After I returned to the action all composure was gone and the Llama in me came roaring out! Sorry guys! BTW the score was actually 426-345 (I dropoed with 5 and Infinity[F8S] dropped with 20!)

August 13, 1998 - FAAT second round matches set!

F8S second round matches are set...F8Sa plays CNN Sunday night at 8:30 pm EST. The F8Sb DL match is set for Thursday night at 10:00 PM EST with a prematch chat on our IRC chat from 8:30 on. Please let you team captains know your availability as early as possible and show for your matches early!

Ares received notice of his rejection for membership as a result of his inability to meet clan obligations during his probationary membership period. He was a fine player and it's too bad it didn't work out. Best of luck to you Are5...you're still l33t to me!

August 11, 1998 - FAAT results....grrrrrrrr.....

First round of preseason matches are done...and just like every other TW clan out there, F8S continues to be schooled by those Ph.D.'s of disaster over at Frag University! Final F8Sa 178 - FU 829. As for the F8Sb squad, well is was closer but still not the result we were looking for....those bad boys from Wicked Voodoo did us again...and again it was by a slim margin..F8Sb 218 - WM 395! We should be able to beat these guys and will in our next encounter....it may take a little longer with FU!

Team meeting tonight at the usual time and place...be there if you belong there...and if you don't...thanks for stopping bye...and as a nice treat I will give you the PW to F8S server.....!


Password f8srulz

Stop by and join the fun from time to time...unless it's closed for practice!

August 9, 1998 - Yes Diva - I am staying in a Treehouse!

F8Sa and F8Sb both have their opening preseason matches in th e FAAT tourney tonight. From the play that I saw last night in our little 3v3 scrim, you guys are ready to ROCK!! Remember, you have all agreed to the terms...TAKE NO PRISONERS!!!

Last Night during a brief ICQ chat, I mentioned to Diva[CNN] that we are staying in a Treehouse at Disney...to which she expressed some disbelief. Well they are not true tree houses, but around here you have to use your imagination a little.

August 7, 1998 - FaTe and SoN-o-FaTe get Some Yeehaw!!

Well SoN-o-FaTe[F8S] and FaTe{F8S] have been on the road and located the source of the Yeehaw that they both use from time to time in games and matches....in case you were wondering where the heck it came from!

August 7, 1998 - FaTe goes to see the Mouse!

Well SoN O FaTe[F8S] and I, along with my wife, daughter and 10 or her dearest friends are off to the Magic Kingdom to celebrate mu daughters 16th b-day and for a little R & R. I regret deeply that I will be missing our first round matches. I urge everyone in F8S to support our two squads.. ..F8Sa...good luck against our old nemesis, the bad boys from Frag U. And F8Sb....KILLWM!!! Try to show up for you clanmates' matches and support their efforts. And most importantly, play as a team, think as a team, win as a team!! I'll be taking my laptop so don't be surprised if I stop by the chat or add a few words of wisdom to our WebBoard. I'm not really certain if any of this qualifies as news...but WTF...it's my news page so i guess news is whatever I say it is! So...for now...that's the news.

August 6, 1998 - CLAN F8S FIRST TWCTF 5.0/2.21 Server launches!

SeeMeRun[F8S] assembled the parts and set up our clan server tonight! WooHoo!! F8S has taken another step toward fulfilling our destiny!! I had the honor of being the First player on...and I also had the ignominious honor of being the first player killed when the second player, ShadowPouncer[F8S], got on! We have to give a vote of thanks to my buddy Hambone[CNN] for sharing his expertise and files with us....Hammy you still Da Man!! Clan members should check the Team WebBoard for the technical info. For now it will be closed to only clan members but I think in time we will be able to distribute the PW to our friends.

August 5, 1998 - F8S RULZ and welcomes 7 new members!!!!!

F8S had the pleasure and honor of accepting into it's ranks seven of the finest Thunderwalkers around. Congratulations and a hearty welcome to Azag-Thoth[F8S], Crewmaac[F8S], KASualty[F8S], Kibagami[F8S], Phoil[F8S], PureEvil[F8S] and ShadowPouncer[F8S]. We had a great meeting with lots of Trout slapping and shenanegans . . . and one MF of a scrimmage too! Because of our new size F8S will be entering two teams into the FAAT tourney to help fill out the empty slots and so that we can get right into the heat of battle with our new clansmen!!

August 4, 1998 - A new day dawns for FaTe's Minions

This looks to be the start of a brand new era for F8S...first, our new and improved home page will be added to our site - moving it closer to the kind of total site we have been working toward. Special thanks to SeeMeRun[F8S] and Rapture[F8S] for their efforts and dedication!

Tonight we will be having the largest MASS TRYOUT in clan history. It is likely that the result will be a substantial step up in both quality and size!!! Good luck to all the applicants on taking their shot at getting into the best non clan clan in all of Quakedom

And of course, this is the first news entry but yours truly, FaTe[F8S]. Hope it is the first of many more to come!

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